Thursday, March 28, 2013

Symphogear twitter accounts

Just a quick post with a list of all the Twitter accounts that are relevant to Symphogear, whether it be production company or staff. A few people said they'd be interested in seeing this list and with new staff working on season 2 I figured it would be good for me to compile this information so I know who to follow.

These accounts all tweet in Japanese so they might not be interesting for those of you who don't know the language, but in most cases you can get an idea of what's being said by using Google Translate. Often times these accounts will posts pictures or information that you might not see elsewhere, so they are worth following! If you see something they tweet that you'd like properly translated, leave me a comment here at the blog or hit me up on my twitter account: @zoid9000

Symphogear official account [@symphogear]
Mikako Komatsu [@mikakokomatsu] - Voice Actor of Kuriyo Ando
Katsumi Ono [@katsuono] - Director (season 2)
Noriyasu Agematsu [@agematsu] - Music Producer and Co-Creator (season 1 + 2)
Kentaro Tokiwa [@k_jovinny] - Chief Animation Director (season 2)
Satoru Fujimoto [@funimon] - Character Design (season 2) Animation Director (season 1 + 2)
Fumiaki Kouta [@hairaito78] - Action Director (season 1 + 2)
Tomohiro Kawahara [@tomo_kawahara] - Mechanical Design (season 2)
Hiroyuki Taiga [@hiroyuki_taiga] - Mechanical Design (season 2)
Satoshi Koike [@pikapi_n] - Character Design (season 1)
Tatsufumi Itoh [@tatsufumi_itoh] - Director (season 1)
Kenichi Kobayashi [@kobaken2010] - Associate Producer (season 1)
Satelight [@satelight_inc] - Animation Production (season 1 + 2)
Encourage Films [@encouragefilms] - Animation Planning (season 1)

Finally, Akifumi Kaneko (script writer and co-creator) doesn't have a twitter, but his production company known as Witchcraft has a staff blog that he posts on frequently which you can find: here.

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