Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Translation Corner #12

Alright, now we're getting to the more interesting stuff. The next few keywords go into a lot of detail that was never brought to light in the series. Keep in mind that when Symphogear was originally airing, these keywords were added to the official site as they became relevant so viewers could get a better idea of all the things that were going on in the show. I'm sure this all relates back to the fact that in its early stages, Symphogear had a lot of details that they couldn't compress into a 13 episode series.

The Nehushtan Amor - Part 1

Originally this was one of the relics that the Japanese Government kept in its possession. 

Unlike Ame no Habakiri or Gungnir, when Nehushtan was uncovered in an excavation there were no signs of degradation or damage to it. Thus it was later categorized as a "complete relic." 

During World War II,  the German agency known as Ahnenerbe provided the Japanese government with the details of its location. (At the same time, Japan had just taken control over the 2nd and 3rd relics  and thus for the sake of convenience the Nehushtan was labeled as the 4th.) 

The mysterious girl who appeared clad in the Nehushtan armor demonstrated that it grants power comparable to that of the Symphogear. 

Currently, the specifics of its power remain unknown but it has been confirmed that the armor contains expanding whip-like armaments on the shoulders, as well as the capacity for flight.  

Originally, Yukine Chris wore the armor as a means to complete the task that was given to her, but her real power lies in the Symphogear created from the Ichaival (Ichii-bal) relic. However, it is surmised that she kept this hidden in order to avoid revealing it to Division 2. 

While Chris was engaged in hostilities with Tachibana Hibiki she abandoned the armor for an unclear reason and currently it is under the ownership of the mysterious woman known as Fine. 

Ever since Fine donned the armor it has taken a more ominous form and all indications suggest that she has mastery of it over Chris. 

We already knew that Division 2's founding organization was active during WW2, but it surprises me they were already looking into the relics at that point. I guess if you consider the fact that Noise have existed since ancient times it would make sense to look at ancient weapons that might have had the capacity to fight them. Anyway, Ahnenerbe is a real Nazi think tank from WW2 that specialized in ancient history. They were known was a "study society for Intellectual Ancient History" so it stands to reason that they would know about things like ancient relics (at least within the context of Symphogear's fictional world). Japan and Germany were allies during WW2, so this kind of cooperation probably wasn't uncommon. The keyword doesn't make it clear if Ahnenerbe provided Japan with the location of all the relics, or if it was only the Nehushtan. In any case, it's interesting that the Symphogear system has this sort of history.

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