Sunday, June 9, 2013

New character introductions

The official website for Symphogear G updated today with character profiles for all of the newly announced characters, including the proper spelling of their names. I've also included some comments from actors.

Character profiles: 

Maria Cadenzavna Eve

An energetic singer who reached the top of the American music charts about 2 months after her debut. Although it has a mysterious quality, her vigorous singing voice has crossed over international borders and garnered a large number of wild and enthusiastic fans throughout the world. To bring forth justice, she has risen as an enemy against all of humanity, clad in a Symphogear that is outside of the Japanese government’s control.

Serena Cadenzavna Eve

Maria’s younger sister who successfully became a Symphogear user and displays unparalleled talent. With her calm and gentle personality, she feels hesitant to use her gear’s power for the purpose of fighting. Her tender singing voice soothes Maria’s soul, and her smile has become the very foundation of Maria’s determination.

Shirabe Tsukuyomi

One of the mysterious Symphogear users who coordinates with Maria’s team. Although she appears docile on the outside, she is actually a bold tactician that has frequently used any means necessary to meet her goals. She harbors strong feelings of distrust against Hibiki, who has been named a hero after saving the Earth from a moon fragment, and she will constantly belittle Hibiki’s actions by calling her a “hypocrite.”

Kirika Akatsuki

Kirika is another one of the mysterious Symphogear users. Although she has a very straightforward cheerful and cooperative personality, she harbors a shadowy past as one of the “Receptor Children” who was treated as an observation subject at a certain research facility along with Maria, Serena, Shirabe and others.  The bonds between Kirika and her friends are so strong that she feels no fear from fighting against the entire world.

Dr. Ver

A researcher who was transferred from the USA’s sacred relic research institution and works together with the Special Disaster Response Team Division 2 to analyze the Sakurai Theory. As an expert on biochemistry, he has demonstrated an aptitude for research involving the bonding of living organisms to sacred relics. He holds an admiration for the heroes who saved the world, Hibiki and co., and harbors many personal ambitions.

Prof. Nastassja

A heretical engineer who supports the operations of Maria’s team. After the events of the “lunar attack,” one segment of information regarding the sacred relics was released to the public, however the knowledge that Nastassja holds is far greater than that. Although she looks upon Maria’s team with kind eyes, in order to help them achieve their difficult mission she intentionally treats them very strictly.

Masahito Shibata

The Vice President of Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He is often caught up in dealing with the complexities of current world affairs, but his main duty is to protect the Japanese government’s national interest and the black art crystallized technology of the Symphogear system. Although he is often seen as having a rude personality, he is the only man that understands Genjuurou, and is generally a person who cooperates with the Special Disaster Response Team’s operations. 

New actor comments:

Hikasa Youko (Maria): In the enemy team of gear users Maria is like the leader, so I think she will have lots of opportunities to sing. From here on out, I’m really looking forward to it! I will give my very best to help create a work that will excite the viewers and display my finest ability when it comes to the singing and music!  

Nanjou Yoshino (Shirabe): I’m happy to be able to participate in the second season of this popular work. Since this is a work where the actors get the opportunity to sing occasionally, the audition was a mix of excitement and tension for me. Of course, I also enjoy the parts where I get to perform my part and I’m looking forward to experiencing the musical composition of Elements Garden!

Kayano Ai (Kirika): I’m really excited about finding out what kind of role Kirika-chan will have in the story!  This will be my first experience trying to perform singing while fighting so at this point I’m pretty nervous, but I will give it my best shot! Please send me your support!!

Update on the opening from Nana Mizuki’s blog:

Today I went to the TD (working to adjust the balance of the sound level and instruments) for Symphogear G’s opening theme song. (o^-')b

From late at night to early in the morning, we discussed how to seek out the perfect balance! When we heard the song reach the highest point of quality, we stopped by yelling “that’s it!,” and everybody took a triumphant pose!!  

I want everyone to be able to hear it really soon~ (≧▽≦)/

Please wait just a little while longer, okay? ☆☆☆

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