Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Small updates

No major news yet, but the first PV has been announced to air soon and the OP/ED themes now have titles. The sneak premiere of episode 1 is actually less than a week away, so there should be plenty of spoilers and new information coming out before the show actually starts on July 4th. Stay tuned and I'll try to update as I can!

Symphogear G opening theme: Vitalization

Symphoear G ending theme: Next Destination

Symphogear G's first promotional video will air on Saturday, June 22nd at 1 pm in Akihabara on the UDX Vision screen outside of the UDX building. The video will include footage from season 2 as well as commentary from 2 of the actors: Aoi Yuuki (Hibiki) and Nana Mizuki (Tsubasa). The commentary is exclusive to the UDX airing, so that won't be shown when the PV starts airing on TV in Japan. The PV will also include a sound clip of the opening theme! Hopefully we should get a video shortly after it airs, since people will be able to record the screening with cameras.

In other news, Thomas Romain (background design for Symphoear G) said he recently started doing design work on the season finale of the second season. This basically confirms that it's going to be 13 episodes again, which is what everybody expected.


  1. So the comentery is out but there is a probability that the PV will hit the net?

    1. Yes, it's very likely the PV will be uploaded to the official site early next week.