Saturday, May 23, 2015

Symphogear GX site updates with character information

Tonight the Symphogear GX site revealed a large update complete with a new written introduction to the series that teases the story, and new pages for all the main characters that contain personal information such as birthdays and measurements.

Symphogear GX Introduction:

This is a story of fixing that which is broken.

The third season of the original TV anime series produced by the leader of the sound production group “Elements Garden,” Noriyasu Agematsu, and the RPG game maker who has produced many games regardless of genre, Akifumi Kaneko.

“Senki Zesshou Symphogear” has moved on from “G” and as a direct sequel will continue this summer with the newly produced “Senki Zesshou Symphogear GX.”

A series where the action unfolds as the characters sing songs, filled with originality and emotionally impacting scenes that you won’t find in any other anime, but now even further powered-up with a more dramatic story.

This time, starting with the main character, Tachibana Hibiki, the six Symphogear users will be faced with the biggest challenge of the entire series, an immense syndicate of powerful warriors.

How will our gear users face these opponents who are even able to fend off the Symphogear’s power of song!?

A new Symphogear awaits, on a larger-scale with new characters and new songs on the horizon.

This is, Symphogear GX!

Symphogear GX Character Bios:

Hibiki Tachibana

The girl who wears the Gungnir Symphogear, an inheritance from both Kanade and Maria. She was a rare medical case of an observed fusion between a living human and a relic.

With the relic fragments that once encroached upon the area around her heart now removed, she has become and ordinary gear users like the others, who uses a pendant-converter type gear.

Personal data:
Birthday: September 13th (Age at the time of G’s epilogue: 16)
Blood type: Type-O
Height: 157cm
Bust: 84cm, Waist: 58cm, Hip: 86cm

Tsubasa Kazanari

From the lineage of the Kazanari family, known for their role as sentinels who protect Japan. A girl who devoted herself from a young age to her fate of standing upon the battlefield. She is the user of Ame-no-Habakiri’s symphogear, and maintains a high-caliber battle potential.

She maintains another personality, that of one of the world’s top singers. Since the end of the Frontier disaster, she has proceeded with her childhood dream of standing on the world stage.

Personal data:
Birthday: May 25th (Age at the time of G’s epilogue: 18)
Blood type: Type-B
Height: 167cm
Bust: 81cm, Waist: 57cm, Hip: 83cm

Chris Yukine

An orphan whose parents were world-renowned musicians who volunteered for an NPO and eventually died as the result of being caught in the flames of a civil war. For that reason, she is very shy and awkward when it comes to maintaining personal relationships.

She wears the Ichaival Symphogear, which although was based upon a bow relic, often takes the form of various formidable guns due to the influence of her inner psyche.

Personal data:
Birthday: December 28th (Age at the time of G’s epilogue: 16)
Blood type: Type-A
Height: 153cm
Bust: 90cm, Waist: 57cm, Hip: 85cm

Maria Cadenzavna Eve

In order to atone for the early death of younger sister, Serena, she sought to prevent the fall of the moon in order to protect humanity. She lacked the power that came from joining hands, and thus was driven to evil acts in the past as she fought against the other gear users.

Her gear is the one Serena utilized previously, the mysterious silver Airgetl├ím. It is a pendant-converter type that had been damaged and normally was unable to reform into its gear properly, however…

Personal data:
Birthday: August 7th (Age at the time of G’s epilogue: 21)
Blood type: Type-AB
Height: 170cm
Bust: 96cm, Waist: 62cm, Hip: 90cm

Shirabe Tsukuyomi

The user of the Shul Shagana relic, a gear formed from the red blade that belonged to the goddess Zababa. From a glance, she appears like a reserved and quiet girl, however she frequently speaks her mind openly and acts without hesitance, maintaining an incredibly frank personality.

She has strong emotional connections to Maria and Kirika that are like family, born out of their past as being treated as a potential vessels for a dead soul through research by the American government.

Personal data:
Birthday: February 16th (Age at the time of G’s epilogue: 14)
Blood type: Type-A
Height: 152cm
Bust: 72cm, Waist: 53cm, Hip: 76cm

Kirika Akatsuki

The user of the Igalima relic, a gear formed from the green blade that belonged to the goddess Zababa. A straight forward and earnest girl who hides behind an overtly cheerful personality. Because of this, she is prone to taking action that may ultimately lead to her suffering in the end.

Even when faced with extreme and often supernatural situations, she remains dedicated to protecting Shirabe and if she puts her mind to it, can proceeded with utmost confidence, unhindered in her actions.

Personal data:
Birthday: April 13th (Age at the time of G’s epilogue: 15)
Blood type: Type-O
Height: 155cm
Bust: 82cm, Waist: 56cm, Hip: 83cm

Miku Kohinata

Hibiki’s best friend, and the person who understands her the best. Ever since she escaped from the verge of death with Hibiki, the bond between the two of them has become ever stronger.

She puts the most effort of anyone into supporting Hibiki, precisely because she is acutely aware of the weaknesses that lie behind Hibiki’s immense strength.

Personal data:
Birthday: November 7th (Age at the time of G’s epilogue: 16)
Blood type: Type-A
Height: 156cm
Bust: 79cm, Waist: 54cm, Hip: 82cm

Kuriyo Ando

Hibiki’s classmate. She often has a personal nickname for all the friends she gets close to.

Compared to her earlier days, she doesn’t get as annoyed when her nicknames for others end up catching on.

Shiori Terashima

Hibiki’s classmate. At first glance she appears to be the mature, quiet type, but when she stood on the stage at the Cosmos Festival she became more aware of herself and there are times she can act quite bold.

When she comes to her senses though, she can become quite scared of her own abilities.

Yumi Itaba

Hibiki’s classmate. She’s a remarkable figure who can positively assert that all of her life’s important lessons have come from anime.

Of course, she has also learned a lot of unimportant lessons too, but is unrivaled in the satisfaction she gets from everyday life.

Genjuro Kazanari

He is the leader of the Singular Disaster Anti-riot Unit, which specializes in acting against paranormal black art technologies, mainly the Noise.

He is the mental and emotional anchor for all the Symphogear users, while at the same time maintaining abnormally high battle capabilities.

Shinji Ogawa

Genjuro’s right-hand man, his true identity is an agent of the Japanese government, but he maintains a cover as the manager of Tsubasa’s singing career.

For generations the Ogawa family has served the Kazanari family, and the current family head is his older brother, Soushi. He is the middle of 3 brothers, and if you ask him he says “I’m the one that stands out the least.”

Sakuya Fujitaka

Mainly in charge of data processing at the 2nd Division of the Singular Disaster Anti-riot Unit. He often complains when placed in extenuating circumstances, but he’s actually very fast with his hands.
Perhaps a skill he’s had since birth, but lately he has been focused on becoming a better chef. Not because he wants to cook for someone else, but rather because he himself wants to eat good food.  

Aoi Tomosato

Mainly in charge of data processing at the 2nd Division of the Singular Disaster Anti-riot Unit. Although her job often places her as being support for the gear users, her personality is actually much more the go-getter type.

She has no dissatisfaction with her current job, but she harbors concerns about being properly unable to respond to questions about her job when asked at mixers.

The character bio images also indicate that there are 2 not-yet-revealed, "secret" characters on the site.


  1. Maria is so pretty o_o

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    1. They said no new relics... maybe completely evil male copies of the female gears with the same relics? Either that, or the Custodians.

    2. I'm pretty sure they said that there would be no new allies. This could still leave new relics for the new enemy.

    3. Ah you're right. Not "No new relics" but "no new allies". Hm. I can't wait then!


    1. I for one think it would be hilarious if the new enemy was middle aged men. Could you imagine them being beaten the shit out of by teenage girls while singing songs.

  4. Maybe 4 more Drs Ver! Damn that guy was hella crazy but I laughed so much at him...