Wednesday, June 24, 2015

New promotional video released!

The official site updated with the new PV, which not only includes tons of new footage but reveals a new song sung by Hibiki, Chris and Tsubasa: Radiant Force.


A song beginning, a beat awakening
The resonating sound of hope
We must never give up on life
Reveal it, pull back the curtain of this fevered dream
Break free, this miracle is no lie

What is that hand meant to grasp?
It probably won’t come to pass just by waiting
What is that hand meant to protect?
Convey it, that passion will become an ember that brightens tomorrow

Now, let’s pull the trigger to a new age
It’s a countdown to the promised future
There is more than one set of flapping wings
What lies beyond the past that we’ve overcome
Is a blooming of the history we should make

Unite those bonds within your heart
The resonating sound of hope
We must never stop believing
Sing, the possibility is not zero
Fly, within this miracle there is light  


  1. This is... AMAZING! So, apparently Maria really won't be getting her gear until later, considering she just sat there in a stance while Tsubasa fought.

  2. Oh wow, we're starting off with a three-person gear song already

    1. Which is interesting. Multi-gear songs usually don't come until the end, so you know things are about to get really serious.

  3. From Maria's outfit while talking throught a glass I thought she was in jail... but later she's singing with Tsubasa... I wonder what's gonna happen to her O.o

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