Wednesday, June 10, 2015

New website update reveals new characters, air date and more.

I picked up the new issues of Newtype and Animedia today, so I will make a separate post for the information that was revealed in those later. For now the official site updated with even more new content including a new key visual.

Key visual text
Versus Alchemic Cult (Outbreak of War – The Magical Girl Disaster)

One time, when the world was on the verge of destruction, a young girl, who was referred to as a “medical case of fusion,” grabbed hold of a miracle and achieved compatibility with the Gungnir Symphogear.

The “Frontier Incident,” which sought to weed out a large part of humanity and assure the continuance of the human race, was brought to an end by the efforts of a group of girls whose blood and songs were exchanged across the battlefield. However, the curtain now opens on a new story which begins shortly after that.

An object fell to Earth at supersonic speed after being ripped from sub-space. It was a U.N. space shuttle attempting to return to Earth after performing its duties at a Lagrange Point in outer space.

Due to system trouble it fell into disarray and was doomed to either break apart on re-entry or worse, crash directly into the surface. The leaders of the world’s nations held their breath during this desperate situation.

However, going back before that, the Symphogear users who saved the world from unparalleled danger were officially deemed part of the military weapons held by the Japanese government. They were forced into permanent standby, not allowed to leave even if a humanitarian crisis called for it, much less granted requests to visit overseas.

From that time, just over 100 days have past.

Ever since the end of the Frontier Incident, there have been no further sightings of the Singular Disaster known as the “Noise.” It was about the time when people had begun to assume that threat of the Noise had ended, and that they had been completely eliminated when…

Staring at their monitor screens at headquarters, Sakuya Fujitaka and Aoi Tomosato confirmed a wave form response that was different, albeit very similar to the Noise.

The location was near the pier at Yokohama’s Osanbashi Bridge.

There, the black-hooded figure of Elfnein (aka “Scrap Material #11”) was seen carrying a small box and appeared to be fleeing from someone or something.

There is a song to destroy the world.

As of yet, no one has taken notice of the danger that will visit them soon. There is only a red dust dancing in the evening summer sky above.

Carol Malus Dienheim

The new threat that stands before our heroes, from the abyss of Europe, that which has been called the “Dark Continent.”  

Hidden within her childish frame is a battle capacity of immense proportions, she has mastered and can freely control various energies including the “Aristotle” (the four elements of wind, fire, earth and water).

The mysterious girl who looks nearly identical to Carol. She carries a small box and tries to flee from Carol, but then runs into Hibiki and the others.

She is prone to cowardly words and actions, however she is strong at her core, and has been known to take drastic and brave actions at times.

Leiur Darāhim

One of the Auto-Scorers (living dolls) that are assigned various tasks including, foremost, the protection of Carol. Her formal classification is: XMH_006

She’s a master at throwing coins, and relies on her wit to bolster both offense and defense. She has a younger sister with a well-endowed body.
Garie Tūmān

One of the Auto-Scorers (living dolls) that are assigned various tasks including, foremost, the protection of Carol. Her formal classification is: XMH_020

Her fighting style focuses on confusing her enemy, she is a master of utilizing the moisture in the air as a mirror, projecting illusions and other things.

Micha Jawkān

One of the Auto-Scorers (living dolls) that are assigned various tasks including, foremost, the protection of Carol. Her formal classification is: XMH_004

A model that specializes in combat, she utilizes a high-condensation carbon rod to fight. She boasts that she is the strongest, and can be incredibly cruel with a child-like simple-mindedness. 

Phara Suyūf

One of the Auto-Scorers (living dolls) that are assigned various tasks including, foremost, the protection of Carol. Her formal classification is: XMH_008

She fights elegantly upon the battlefield, covering her body in wind. She drives the Symphogear users into a corner with a philosophical armament that looks like a large sword.

Air dates (Japanese time)
MBS – Every Friday, starting on July 3rd at 3:10 am
Tokyo MX – Every Saturday, starting on July 4th at 1:00 am
TV Aichi – Every Tuesday, starting on July 7th at 2:05 am
BS 11 – Every Friday, starting on July 10th at 11:00 pm
Nico Nico Live Stream – Every Wednesday, starting on July 8th at 11:00 pm


  1. Ooooooooooh does that mean Elfnein is on team Symphogear??

    1. Wait on second thought that doesn't make sense. They said no new allies. Hmm maybe there are three sides? Team Carol, Team Symphogear and team Elfnein?

    2. Elfnein needs help, so I think the gear users will help her. It doesn't necessarily make her an ally, she might end up turning against them depending on what Carol does.

    3. I got the impression that when they said that, they meant "heroines", specifically. Like, in contrast to how Nanoha StrikerS did things, for example. They have 6 gear users that all need their share of development, and increasing the number (again) would be detrimental to that.
      I don't think that characters like, say, Prof. Nastassja or (apparently) Elfnein count. Of course, this is just my interpretation.

  2. Shirabe wielding giant death yo-yo confirmed.

    1. Yeah I was skeptical they'd actually be yo-yos at first, but in the new key visual it looks like it's attached by a pink string so...

    2. It'll be interesting to see if her Head thing still folds out into giant buzzsaws. I hope they still do something as I really liked how unique they were.

  3. Hey Zoid do you have any idea when we'll get a trailer? When did G get a trailer in terms of time before it started airing? That's if their was even a trailer.

    1. G's first trailer was aired on the UDX screen in Akihabara around June 22nd of 2013, if I remember right. I'm not sure if they'll do another special "premiere" like that again, but generally trailers start airing on TV about 2 weeks prior to when a new season starts. So in theory, we should get one in another 2 weeks.

  4. I don't like the villains... they look kinda forced... but symphogear always surprises me, so I guess I will have to wait to see how things go :3

    1. I don't like the repetition of colors either. Like, the doll who is all red, and the one who is all blue. It feels like she red one will battle with Chris and the Blue with Tsubasa XD.
      And why is Elfnein in underwear!? If they put ecchi in my symphogear I'm gonna kill them all.

    2. Ehh, I don't think they'll have fight match ups based on colour. The red one, Micha, is supposed to be really strong wielding some sort of energy rod, If she was fighting Chris I don't think it would go very well, unless she got close to Chris then the fight would be fairly 1 sided as was seen in G when Kirika fought Chris. I think the fighting match ups would change every time a battle occurred.

    3. The colors are supposed to represent the elements they fight with, I believe. Not necessarily who they will fight on the Symphogear team.

      Green = Wind
      Red = Fire
      Blue = water
      Yellow = Earth