Sunday, September 18, 2016

VA Blog translation: Hideo Ishikawa on the slot machine

About a month ago Genjuro's voice actor, Hideo Ishikawa, updated his blog and talked a little bit about Symphogear after he spotted a poster for the slot machine's release. He also talks about working with Nana on her concerts and preparing to attend SMASH con in Australia.

Wow, next weekend I'm off to Australia…
Summer sure goes by in a flash.
Especially August. It's too fast (crying).
In the past I made a trip to Taiwan for business and I had a good idea of what to expect.
But this time I really can't get a grasp on what it will be like.
I'm excited, but at the same time pretty nervous.
I don't know what anime and games are popular over there.
And I don't know how much attention a voice actor can actually get, especially since it's me.
I end up thinking “is it really okay for someone like me to go?”…

There's other stuff that I have no clue about either, like how I should spend my personal time there…
Well, I guess I won't know unless I go. I definitely think it will be fun.
So to everybody in Australia I haven't met yet, best regards for this weekend. Seriously.

In other news, I found this poster in a certain place.
That “certain place” is probably easy to figure out (laugh).
Surprisingly, Symphogear is getting a slot machine.
Well, I say surprisingly, but I recorded dialog for the thing so I guess that's strange of me to say.
But we recorded it so long ago, it was before season 3 even.
And now it's finally coming out, I'm excited.
By the way, for 3 seasons I've voiced the character Kazanari Genjuro, who is the commander of the main characters. If I tried to explain the story I would be writing all night, so for those of you who don't know it please check out the official site.

Nana Mizuki-chan does the OP and Ayahi Takagaki does the ED, every season…
Ah, I use “chan” with Nana and don't use anything for Ayahi, which may seem rude.
But that's just normally how I've come to call them, so I don't have any ill intent.

In the show, all the main characters sing, so I have no doubt those songs will be playing from the slot machine as well. I wish I had the skills to sing a superb song. When I get back I'll go try the machine (laugh). For each since season, they've had concerts for Symphogear. I was asked to appear as the commander for 2 of them. And then even let me sing at one of them (laugh).

Partially related, I was able to be a narrator on a video recording for one of Nana-chan's concerts.
I went to the Seibu Dome to see how it was going and ended up being introduced on the stage.
I was a little embarrassed…
Also it happened again this year at Tokyo Dome, I made an appearance for the recording.
I'll do anything for her, she is my niece after all.
Ah, I mean, in terms of our roles in the show…
I don't have any relatives in the world of voice acting, save for Masazaku Morita that is (laugh).

Actually, awhile back I went to an event at Osaka Jungle, but I wasn't able to make it to the concert there. Too bad…

But if I went, I'm sure it would have made for another embarrassing experience (laugh).
...When I think about it I'm actually the pretty shy type.
I've been told the same by a number of people in the industry.
They often ask, “why that outfit, why that scarf, why that part in your hair?” and so on (laugh).

I haven't seen the completed footage yet, so I want to take a look and see the embarrassment for myself. The concert DVD, I want to watch it soon…

As for Symphogear, season 4 and 5 are official.
I have no idea when we're going to get started though.
But being able to create more great work with all the members of that team…
I'm really looking forward to it.
And until then I'll just have to enjoy it via the slot machine (laugh).

For those of you who are interested, and old enough to play, it's coming out next week so take a stop by your local parlor and give it a shot. I had quite a lot of dialog, if I remember right.

Alright, well I have to start my prep for next week.
It's winter over there so I've got to be sure to cover up.
By the way I have one more thing to announce about next weekend.
When I know the details I'll post them.

I'll be careful on my way over, to the land of Aussie Beef (laugh).

See ya.  

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