Monday, April 17, 2017

Symphogear AXZ CD release information

With AXZ only a few months away, details are starting to come out regarding release dates on the next set of character song CD singles. When GX was announced there were a total of 8 CDs listed, however AXZ will only have a total of 6 it seems.

AXZ Character Song CD 1: Hibiki Tachibana
Price TBA, on sale July 5th

AXZ Character Song CD 2: Maria Cadenzavna Eve
Price TBA, on sale July 12th

AXZ Character Song CD 3: Tsubasa Kazanari
Price TBA, on sale July 19th

AXZ Character Song CD 4: Chris Yukine
Price TBA, on sale July 26th

AXZ Character Song CD 5: Kirika Akatsuki
Price TBA, on sale August 9th

AXZ Character Song CD 6: Shirabe Tsukuyomi
Price TBA, on sale August 16th

Pre-orders can be made on the usual websites starting soon. I will post the store bonus information when it becomes available, but if the past is any indication then Animate and Gamers will be the two stores that include a CD storage box.

The lack of a Tsubasa/Maria duet is interesting given the history of the series thus far. It could be indicative of a turning point in terms of focus for AXZ, or it could be that they simply will include the song on the BD/DVD bonuses.


  1. What I want to see is the replacement of the Maria/Tsubasa stage duet with a duet battle song- preferably on stage, a battle song that doubles as a "performance." Plausible, considering that Symphogear has always released battle duets as BD/DVD bonuses. Like the Shirabe/Kirika overlay-duet track every season. Heck, they are releasing Maria and Tsubasa's songs back to back- so maybe these songs will in fact be two halves to a Shirabe/Kirika-like overlay-duet. Wouldn't surprise me in the least considering the Maria/Tsubasa synergistic combination attack at the end of GX...

    1. Considering both their armed gears are classed as "sword-type" I wouldn't be surprised if they had a battle duet together that capitalized on this. Sort of like the Tsubasa/Chris "Bayonet Charge" from last season.

    2. ...[Bayonet Charge] which was released as a BD/DVD bonus, proving the plausibility of my conjecture...a little different though. There was no tangible direct synergy between Chris and Tsubasa during the Bayonet Charge scene, other than perhaps an unstated increase in raw power. What I want to see from Maria/Tsubasa is a genuine armor combination sequence/ability- like Shirabe/Kirika's blade-tank in GX, only cooler and more practical...

    3. conjunction with their hypothetical battle duet, of course...

  2. I think it'd be amazing for them to have a literal combination ability like Kirika and Shirabe. Considering Airgetlam can control energy vectors like Gungnir, this is definitely a possibility.

  3. Hmm I guess this means they won't repeat the previous season in giving the villain a song? Regardless, that villain song was pretty good in GX.

    Always possible they are keeping duets and group songs for BD/DVD bonuses. Might feel it's better to not go overboard on the character CDs and get too greedy there. After all they do have 2 seasons to focus on here.

    Just on a selfish level I kind of wish they'd move Chris and her character CD further up the release schedule. Though they aren't spreading them out as far as I might have thought. Usually they really give each CD a fair amount of time to sit, but this time it's basically once a week.

    1. well you can try to follow up chris's seiyuu, since she also a singer

  4. Yoshino Nanjo FanMay 31, 2017 at 11:17 AM

    too bad shirabe song is so late, she is my favorite singer.