Friday, June 23, 2017

Symphogear XD releases on June 26th

The release date of the long awaited mobile game, Symphogear X-Drive Unlimited has finally been announced as this upcoming monday, June 26th. Along with that, details regarding the original story Symphogear 3.5 have been released on the official site.

"Won't you have me as a friend, Your Highness?" 

Symphogear 3.5 - Connect heart beyond the time.

Note: I had previously said this would be an OVA, as that was my assumption based on the initial announcement which labeled the project as "anime x application." However, while the trailer seems to indicate it will feature original art, it is yet unclear if anything will actually be animated. As far as we know, this is just one of the series of quests featured in the Symphogear XD game. I apologize for any undue excitement that I may have caused.  


It's the middle of summer vacation, 2 weeks after the end of the Magical Girl Incident. A disturbance breaks out aboard the high class luxury ship, the Alexandria, as it is moored in Tokyo Bay. The word "sacrist" is picked up from eyewitness testimony and the situation is deemed paranormal in nature, thus an investigation request is made and S.O.N.G. dispatched.

The Symphogear Adaptors make their way to the scene only to come across some wriggling "ghostly" shadows the likes of which they've never seen before. The shadows converge into one another, forming a giant figure that suddenly assaults the Adaptors.

Meanwhile, in London, while Maria is dispatched on a secret mission to uncover the truth behind the forces at work in the Magical Girl Incident, she comes face to face with yet another "Alchemist" who utilizes the Alca-Noise.

Japan and London. In these two separate locations, one single entity begins to show itself. The mysterious organization, the "Bavarian Illuminati." The Magical Girl Incident was only the starting point for a series of battles to come, that show no sign of ending...

Promotional Video

2 weeks after the Magical Girl Incident
A curse surges from a new philosophical weapon
The Alexandria Incident

Hibiki: "I will never be brought down by such a senseless curse!"

Kirika: "We can't just sit here worrying about being careful anymore!"

Chris: "That's pretty heavy for an appetizer, but I'll scarf down every last bit!"

Maria: "Big talk, I'll believe you can break this silver arm when I see it!"

Tsubasa: "If you're going to get in the way, I'll just have to cut you down."

Shirabe: "An unwavering will and a trusting heart, isn't that what gives the Symphogear power?"

New Character/Enemy: Cursed Pharaoh

Special Comment from original writer Akifumi Kaneko

This happened awhile back. "Symphogear X-Drive Unlimited" was still in the middle of production, but it was coming together so well that I made a request (or rather, exercised my authority as one of the creators?) and was able to participate in creating this original story.

"Symphogear 3.5" conforms to the game's "what-if" world, but in terms of the time-line it was written to fall in-between the events of GX and AXZ. There are keywords and references that will connect to AXZ embedded within the story, so that might be one of its appealing points.

Personally, I greatly enjoyed writing this story. I was able to give a lot of screentime to Hibiki's three friends, and I think the game's other writers followed up on that. Originally this was just supposed to be a draft, but through the later half I got into the zone and it ended up being more akin to a screenplay filled with tons of dialog.

That being said, the atmosphere is a bit different from the anime, but please enjoy playing through this story of "Hibiki's Summer Vacation."

Release planned for this July as part of the Symphogear XD mobile game


  1. I noticed on the promotional video that Satelight, the studio responsible for animating the Symphogear TV series, was not listed on the video. Hmm...maybe it's a picture drama or a simpler animation. Either way, I'll take it!

    Also "High Class Luxury Ship Alexandria." You know, after seeing Hibiki's suplex in GX Episode 1, I was thinking that the only mode of transportation bigger than a space shuttle would be a cruise ship or an oil tanker...

    June 26! I hope we can watch this "Special" somehow before the season starts!

  2. will you translate the non-anime scenes dialogues?