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AXZ Keywords #1

Just as with every other season, before a new episode airs the official website updates with new information and an episode preview. I will do my best to keep up each week.

Episode preview

Symphogear AXZ Episode 2: Last Resort 

You swear to take this moment and make it last forever.
Even if tears come from grief, wipe them off and move forward.
These bonds are a melody - turn it into a song and let it fly.
The moment when justice is enforced, the finger on the trigger trembles.
Struggling and lost, yet never giving up. 



An abbreviation of “Squad of Nexus Guardians.”

Once a secret branch of the Japanese Government known as the “Singular Disaster Anti-riot Unit Division 2,” it is now under the direct command of the United Nations. The organization has been reformed into an Anti-riot taskforce that deals in supernatural and paranormal disasters. In accordance with this the Japanese Security Council drafted a new set of protocols that allow the group to act overseas.

On the surface the reason for the creation of this taskforce was in order to deal with large-scale disasters that were the result of sacrists or other paranormal phenomena. However, behind the scenes, the decision was coordinated by each country in an effort to keep watch over the black arts technology owned by the Japanese Government. The Tactical Commander, Genjuro Kazanari, along with the majority of the members from Div 2 were moved and appointed as members of the taskforce. As a result, it remains a specialized and highly-skilled organization.

Symphogear System

Based on the "Sakurai Theory" established by the Singular Disaster Anti-riot Unit Division 2's former technology expert, Sakurai Ryoko, "Symphogear" is the name of a special counter-measure FG-type armor that was created using sacrists as a base.

The individuals who utilize this system are referred to as "Adaptors."

The Symphogear's greatest trait is its internal function that plays a melody derived from the Adaptor's thoughts and emotions via sympathetic vibration. By synchronizing that melody with the Adaptor through singing, the Symphogear displays an incredibly high level of battle potential.

The Symphogear system has 301,655,722 different varieties of locks applied to it. Depending on the Adaptor's level of skill and personal battle style, there is a systematic progression of phases that they go through to release the locks.

Adaptor's Pendant

The pendants that the Adaptors keep on them at all times are equipped with a converter function that forms the Symphogear around them, using the energy that is produced by the sacrist at its core. In order to activate the pendant the Adaptor must sing a certain phrase referred to as a “Chant.”


Individuals whose songs resonate with a sacrist are capable of producing the "Chant" necessary to activate the Symphogear - they are called "Harmonizers." Currently there are three categories of Harmonizers.

The first type are individuals like Tsubasa, Chris and Serena. They are born with an innate aptitude which can become stable through proper training.

The second type are individuals like Kanade, Maria, Shirabe and Kirika. Although they are born with an innate aptitude, training alone is not enough and they require doses of drugs in order to temporarily raise their link coefficient.

The third type is unique to a single individual, Hibiki. At first she became an Adaptor as a result of her body fusing with her sacrist after an accident. However, in Earth's eleventh hour, she became a true Harmonizer not through training or drugs, but by forcibly taking the necessary amount of link coefficiency.

Her transformation from a Sacrist Fusion to a Harmonizer is still a complete mystery. Despite attempts to research it, there has been little progress, and currently it is simply considered a miracle.


This is a term which refers to ancient weapons and tools with hidden supernatural powers that appear in myths and folklore from all around the world. Sacrists are impossible to create without the use of black arts technology which is lost in the current era, but they have been successfully excavated throughout various ruins in the world.

Due to the passing of time these artifacts have suffered much deterioration and damage. Even in large-scale excavation projects, finding pieces that are completely intact is incredibly rare. Therefore, in most cases, only "sacrist fragments" have been recovered. Sacrists that are in a grounded state can shift into an active state through the power of song, thereby releasing their inner power.


A control drug that links the power of sacrists and the human body. It was developed by Div 2's technology expert, Sakurai Ryoko (Fine). Normally, individuals who are not natural Harmonizers cannot become a Symphogear Adaptor. However, if an individual has even a small amount of the necessary link coefficient, the LiNKER drug can forcibly raise that amount to the level of a Harmonizer.

Of course the higher the link coefficient must be raised, the greater the strain put upon the body. It is an incredibly dangerous and intense drug. Subjects who used it were often put into a state of shock and lost consciousness, and clinical trials resulted more often in crippling or killing individuals than actually turning them into a Harmonizer. It was for this reason that the drug was changed to put a time limit upon its effectiveness, and also a method developed to cleanse it from the body. Samples of LiNKER along with data taken from the subject Kanade Amou, were leaked by Sakurai Ryoko to the American F.I.S. whose biochemists were tasked with tweaking and manufacturing the drug on a larger scale. Under the charge of Dr. Ver the project proceeded under the theme of "Pleasant for you" and they managed to develop a safer form of LiNKER with a very small physical burden and a more thorough cleansing process.

Maria, Shirabe and Kirika are all individuals who cannot use the Symphogear without the assistance of LiNKER. If they didn't take the drug and attempted to use the gear without raising their link coefficient to the required level, it would have an immediate and direct backfire on their bodies. The backfire produced by the Symphogear becomes worse the lower the Adaptor's link coefficient is, and also the higher the energy output of the gear is raised. In the worst case scenario it is possible for an Adaptor to be killed by the Symphogear. Currently, Maria, Shirabe and Kirika are using the model of LiNKER that was once used by their now deceased predecessor, Kanade. This version of the drug, model_k, is an old version that was produced prior to Dr. Ver's influence and therefore puts a greater burden on the Adaptor's body, as well as having an unstable time limit of effectiveness.

Currently a new version of LiNKER has yet to be successfully produced, and with no scientist around with the necessary knowledge to make it, the stockpile of model_k is slowly being reduced by use in training and battle.

Dr. Ver's Datachip 

On the verge of death within the collapsing Ch√Ęteau de Tiffauges, Dr. Ver handed this object over to Maria. Behind the various layers of protection that he put on it, a recipe for the development and production of a new LiNKER was successfully recovered. The datachip contains a record of Dr. Ver's studies and research that he put together out of boredom while he was held within the undersea Dragon Palace. Thanks to Elfnein's help, currently a large portion of the LiNKER recipe has been decoded. However, a major component that acts as the core of the drug remains unclear and the new version has yet to be completed.

Bavarian Illuminati 

A secret society that originated in Europe. A large number of their members are known as Alchemists, users of black art technology. From ancient times, the group has maneuvered in secret and manipulated history. As a result, they are responsible for the current state of Europe which has led to it being named “the Dark Continent.” They also were deeply involved in the “Frontier Incident” and “Magical Girl Incident” that the Symphogear Adaptor's took part in. The situation has now gotten to the point where direct conflict with the group is unavoidable. The individual who acts as the head and controls all divisions of the group is also its creator, Adam Weishaupt. He is an individual whose lineage is deeply shrouded in mystery.


Also referred to as magic, this is an off-shoot of the ancient black arts technology that evolved separately from modern day science. It originated in Europe and has remained in the shadows as it spread throughout the world up until today. Alchemy is a technical system that has many variations, however its manipulation of energy is very similar to the techniques presented in the Sakurai Theory.


An improved version of the Noise created by Alchemy for the purposes of dissecting and analyzing the world. The recipe to create them has long been passed down through the Bavarian Illuminati. Ever since the Magical Girl Incident, it has ceased to be necessary to keep them a secret and thus the Alca-Noise have been appearing on more and more battlefields around the world. It is possible for non-Alchemists to control and summon them, thanks to a small staff that acts like Solomon's Cane.

It is possible for them to disintegrate any and all objects and they can be tuned to dissolve the composition of any specific target object. Anything that is disintegrated has its organic and inorganic matter reduced to red dust, this once included the Symphogear.

When compared to the original Noise they are slightly inferior defensively because their lack of a phase contrast barrier means they cannot adjust their attenuation with our world. This is because the energy used to create the phase contrast barrier is instead focused on their glowing “dissection point,” which disintegrates anything it touches. However, this doesn't change the fact that they are still an immense threat to humanity.

Summer Homework

While fighting against numerous supernatural forces for the sake of humanity, this is one worry that persistently clings to a small corner of Hibiki's mind. She wants to hurry up and just be done with it.

Europe's Decline

A series of large scale events led to a major economic collapse throughout the continent, leaving its
infrastructure crushed and weak. With the exception of Greece, every country's government fell into disarray and are now practically non-existent. The decline has made crime run rampant and unchecked, and many of the occult groups that had been kept in check now freely spread underground, leading to the rise of many old fashioned secret societies. The darkness this situation has created is filled with many mysteries and unknown peculiarities.  With Europe in this condition, people have taken to calling it the “Dark Continent” as Africa had once been.

Ever since the end of the Magical Girl Incident, S.O.N.G. has continued to investigate the causes behind it. It was thought that Carol, who was born in Europe, took advantage of America's fall from power and sought to move her plans forward under the backing of some European society, or nation, with its own goals in mind. However, some people still harbor doubt and wonder if the whole thing could still have been in line with America's plans. As of yet, the true details of the situation remain unclear.

Valverde Commonwealth 

A small country in South America run by a military regime. It is always in a state of political instability and despite being a small country, has frequently been faced with large crises and threats. The current dictatorship has been in control for a long time, forcing their citizens to live under harsh conditions. Skirmishes with rebel groups have sporadically been repeated over the years without much change. However, when it became proven that the military was using Alca-Noise the United Nations decided upon an armed intervention. As a result, S.O.N.G. was mobilized.

The moral and combat skill of Valverde's troops are incredibly low when compared to the Japanese Self-Defense Forces and are more like “immature soldiers” that are often described in fiction. This gang of delinquents has no regard for rules nor any sort of respect for orders or the chain of command.  They were not considered dangerous until they were supplied black art technology which instantly found them as a major threat in the eyes of the rest of the world.

Floating Carrier 

A defensive facility of the Valverde Commonwealth that, along with numerous anti-aircraft guns, they used in attempt to stop the invading UN forces. It's official name is the “SFC2 Esperanza.” Originally it was a naval warship that belong to Russia, however after years of use it was marked for scrap and then subsequently sold and laundered through illegal gambling establishments on the high seas before it eventually came into the possession of the rogue nation, the Valverde Commonwealth.  Of course, it was not originally equipped for flight or stealth, and it was only after the Bavarian Illuminati offered their black art technology that it became an “unthinkable weapon, a weapon that must not exist.”

Barrier of Die Spinne

A mysterious barrier that functions to keep people away by diverting their consciousness, making something appear as if it does not exist. It not only affects human consciousness, but also interferes with direct signals sent by machines. A location protected by this barrier is not only the safest possible place, but it is also a perfect secret flower garden to keep ones valuables and classified materials.


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